Purpose: The purpose of ‘SRlWlN’ 3-Phase to 2-Phase, Gang Operated VCB Selector is to extend 3-phase supply to particular urban/rural/agricultural feeders, for a given duration of the day and to switch over to extend 2-Phase supply to the same three phase lines of the feeders for the domestic customers connected to the three phase lines. These switching operations are performed automatically

 3-Phase to 2-Phase, Gang Operated VCB Selector

3-Phase to 2-Phase, Gang Operated VCB Selector

12kV/24kV, 1250A, 26.3kA/3 SEC., 3-Phase to 2-Phase, Gang Operated VCB Selector

  • The Twin Feeder VCB cum 3-Phase to 2-Phase Changeover unit consists of two numbers of gang-operated, three pole Auto Re-closer type VCBs.
  • One gang operated VCB will switch ON for extending 3-phase supply and the other gang operated VCB will Switch ON for extending 2-Phase supply.
  • Whenever generation is good, or in any duration of the day-say from 7AM to 6PM-three Phase Supply can be extended to the agricultural feeders.
  • Whenever generation reduces or there is any voltage drop in the distribution grid or in any given duration of day/night-say, between 6PM to 7AM – 2-Phase Supply can be extended to the
    agricultural feeders.
  • This will ensure that three phase agricultural loads can be operated only when there is
    sufficient power availability in the grid.
  • When power scarcity is there, three phase power supply to agricultural feeders is automatically/manually cut-off, so that large three phase agricultural loads cannot be operated during such times.
  • But, at the same time single phase domestic consumers connected to these agricultural feeders
    are not affected, as single-phase supply is extended to all the three lines, even during such power scarcity times.
  • All such change-over from 3-Phase supply to 2-Phase supply and vice versa can be monitored and controlled. thro select mobile phones.
  • All the events, settings, meter readings, status, etc. can also be viewed at any time in the select mobile phones.
  • All the operations, monitoring and control can also be effected from SCADA/DMS.
  • Mechanical and electrical interlocks are provided between the two VCBs, to prevent simultaneous
    closing of both the VCBs.
  • However, it is possible to keep both the VCBs OFF at the same time.
  • The VCB Selector Switch will be operated On-load.
  • The operating mechanism is magnetic actuator
  • Compact and light-weight
  • Robust Construction
  • Suitable for Outdoor Duty, protected to Degree of Protection IP65.
  • It is possible to install the VCB Selector Switch in an existing Pole/Structure
  • The VCB Selector Switch will be electrically operated, with a provision for manual tripping
  • The insulation medium is solid dielectric & the in-terruption medium is vacuum
  • SCADA/DMS compatible
  • Mechanical and electrical ON/OFF indications
  • The control cabinet suitable for outdoor duty, with IP55 degree of protection, and of
    light weight and is suitable for Pole/Structure mounting
  • The Incoming as well as Outgoing Bushings of the VCB Selector Switch are of universal type, suitable for terminating ACSR OH Conductor or Aluminium/Copper Cable
  • The VCB Selector Switch has an in-built comprehensive Protection Unit, with a set of suitably
    rated integral Current Transformers, embedded in the VCB bushings.
  • Flexible Protection Options-from basic Over- current & Earthfault Relay to comprehensive Feeder
  • Optional Metering-from basic ammeter to comprehensive communicable multi-function meter

Guaranteed Technical Particulars

Rated Voltage (kV) 12 24
Rated Frequency (Hz.) 50/60 50/60
Rated Current (A) 1250 1250
Rated Insulation Level (kV) 12/28/75 24/50/125
Rated Short Time Withstand Current for 3Sec. (kA) 26.3 26.3
Rated Short Circuit Breaking Capacity (kA) 26.3 26.3
Rated Short Circuit Making Capacity (kAp) 65.75 65.75
Closing Time < 60ms < 60ms
Opening Time < 40ms < 40ms
Rated Operating Sequence 0-300ms-CO-3 min.-CO 0-300ms-CO-3 min.-CO
Rated Mechanical Life 20000 Operations 20000 Operations
Rated Electrical Life at Rated Current 20000 Operations 20000 Operations
Rated Electrical Life at Rated Short Circuit Breaking Current 100 operations 100 operations
Type of Operating Mechanism Magnetic Actuator Magnetic Actuator
IP Grade of Switching Unit IP65 IP65
IP Grade of Control Cabinet IP65 IP65
ON/OFF Indication Both Mechanical & Electrical Both Mechanical & Electrical
Applicable Standard IS/IEC 62271-100 & IS/IEC 60529 IS/IEC 62271-100 & IS/IEC 60529
Auxiliary Voltage 24V DC & 23OV AC 24V DC & 23OV AC
Auxiliary Voltage Tolerance 85% to 110% 85% to 110%
Manual Trlp Operation Possible Possible
Type of Insulation Solid Dielectric Solid Dielectric
Auxiliary Contacts 4 N.O. + 4 N.C. in each of the 2 positions 4 N.O. + 4 N.C. in each of the 2 positions
SCADA Compatible YES YES