Indoor Metal-Clad Railway VCB Switchboards

SRIWIN ELECTRIC, an ISO 9001-2015 certified company, offers Air-insulated, Indoor Metal-Clad Railway VCB Switchboards in 27.5kV Voltage Rating. These switchboards incorporate highly reliable Vacuum Circuit Breakers as Switching Medium and are offered either as stand-alone units or as Line-up Switchboards

Indoor Metal-clad Railway VCB  Switchboard

Indoor Metal-clad Railway VCB Switchboard

27.5kV Indoor Metal-clad Railway VCB Switchboard

  • Lesser space requirement
  • Draw-out VCB and hence no need of any external isolators
  • Equipment not exposed to harsh outdoor environment
  • Easily accessible and thus easy to maintain
  • Inherent indoor dry type CTs & PTs; no hazards
  • Inherent Control & Relay Compartment with various options of Control, Protection & Metering
  • Ability to handle more than 100 short circuit breaking current due to the usage of vacuum
  • Extensively type tested for special requirement of raiIways,incIuding rigorous capacitor switching
  • Environment friendly technology.
  • Reliable operation
  • Low maintenance
  • Cost efficient
  • AC Traction application
  • Suitable for pole mounted application in metro railways
  • Suitable for line charging, cable charging, capacitor switching and phase opposition application

Guaranteed Technical Particulars

No. of Poles One
Rated Voltage (kV) 27.5
Rated Frequency (Hz.) 50/60
Rated One Minute Power Frequency Withstand Voltage (kV) 95
Rated Lightning Impulse Withstand Voltage (kVp) 250
Rated Current (A) 2000
Rated Short Circuit Breaking Current (kA) 20
Rated Short Circuit Making Current (kA) 50
Rated Short Time Withstand Current for 3Sce. (kA) 20
Rated Peak Withstand Current (kA) 50
Operating Mechanism Manual/Motorized Stored Energy Spring Charged Mechanism
Mechanical Life 10000 Operations (Class 3 as per IEC 62505-1)
Electrical Life @ Rated Current 20000 Operations
Rated Operating Sequence 0-300ms-CO-3min-CO
Closing Time < 60ms
Opening Time < 60ms
Control Voltage 110V DC/230V AC
Degree of Protection of Enclosure IP 4X
Standards IEC 62271-1, 100, 200, IEC 62505-1 & IEC 60529